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“Blurtso considers his inner parakeet” (V)


A donkey was pursued by two tigers, one from in front, one from behind. He also had a Chemistry exam the next day. “Is there any more pumpkin pie?” said the donkey.

“Blurtso considers his inner parakeet” (II)


What’s your inner parakeet telling you? said Harlan. He’s telling me, said Blurtso, that there’s a half-eaten pumpkin pie in the fridge. What’s yours telling you? He’s telling me, said Harlan, that someone already finished the second half.

“Blurtso considers his inner parakeet” (I)


The moon is full. They say a full moon brings out the animal in you. I wonder what animal is in me? A bull, or a goat, or a parakeet? I’ve never really thought about my inner parakeet. I wonder how long it’s been trying to get out? I wonder if it’s unhealthy to keep it locked up. The world might be a different place, if we all got in touch with our inner parakeets.

“Blurtso looks at the snow” (IV)


I wonder how long it will snow? Donkeys are desert animals. We shouldn’t like the snow. But the houses and streets and yards look like dunes in the waning light. And the snow-covered cars look like donkeys, quickening their pace at the end of a journey home.

“Blurtso looks at the snow” (II)


I wonder how long it will snow? I can hear every little noise in the barn. I can hear the kettle and the ticking of the clock. And the refridgerator… I wonder if Harlan finished the pumpkin pie?