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“Bonny teaches the greatest lesson of all”


Ditto is very talented, said Blurtso. I know, said Pablo, Bonny is always teaching him something useful and profound.


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“A Blurtso runs through it”

And as you circle from side to side, said Blurtso, feel that a river runs through you… that the tension in your muscles and bones are branches that dangle in the stream, lifting the water in silver spray… and you are the river… and branches, and spray, and grooves of the surface, and hidden currents beneath…


“Blurtso looks at the snow” (XXV)


I wonder why it seems that everyone I meet is busier than me? I go to school, keep up with my classes, give my time to charitable causes, and help friends in need… but I still have time to sit and watch the snow. Maybe donkey years are longer than human years, and a donkey’s day is seven times longer than a human day.