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“Bonny Bray goes to Concord” (II)


Hey, said the tourist, you didn’t sign this one. No, said Bonny, I didn’t sign any of them. Why not? said the tourist. Because they don’t belong to me, said Bonny. Who do they belong to? said the tourist. They don’t belong to anyone, said Bonny. What do you mean? said the tourist. Does the snow belong to the clouds? said Bonny. No, said the tourist. Do the flowers belong to the sun? No, said the tourist. Does anyone own the grass in the field? Well, said the tourist, if someone owned the field, they might think they owned the grass. Yes, said Bonny, but they would be wrong.

“Bonny Bray goes to Concord” (I)


Why aren’t you painting? said Pablo. I ran out of paint, said Bonny. I guess you’ll have to go to town, said Pablo. Yes, said Bonny.


How much for this one? said the tourist. This one? said Bonny. This one is eight tubes of paint and four canvasses. What? said the tourist. Eight tubes of paint and four canvasses, said Bonny. Don’t you accept cash? No, said Bonny. American Express? No, said Bonny. Where can I get eight tubes of paint and four canvasses? said the tourist. In the Arts and Crafts store around the corner, said Bonny. O.k., said the tourist, I’ll be right back… Hey… what colors? Two Winsor Lemon, said Bonny, two Cadmium Red, three Quinacridone Magenta, and one Ultramarine. French Ultramarine? said the tourist. Bien sûr, said Bonny.

“Blurtso looks at the snow” (VI)


It’s very quiet. I can’t even hear the cars in the street. The flakes are so big that the ones near the window are a blur. I wonder how much it’s snowing at Bonny and Pablo’s cabin? It makes me happy to think of them all together, sharing a snack around the fire. I hope they have enough firewood. I’m sure they do. Bonny is good about that sort of thing. And so is Pablo. Even Ditto had a fire when I stopped by. I’ll bet the flakes are melting quickly on the lake. I’ll bet you could stray from the path and not even know. You’d have to make a new path, which wouldn’t be a path, but only a trail of wandering. When it gets dark you can’t even see the rise and fall of the land. Hmmm, it sure is quiet. I wonder how much it’s snowing at Bonny and Pablo’s cabin?

“Pablo journeys to the greenhouse”


Over the hill and through the woods…


to my greenhouse I will go…


I’ll fill a wagon and return to our cabin…
where we’ll all live like H.D. Thoreau.

“Blurtso visits his friends in Concord” (III)


We’ll go skating when we get home, said Pablo.
Really? said Blurtso. With the ducks?!



Remarkable, thought Blurtso, how they stay in formation.

“Blurtso visits his friends in Concord” (II)


That was the best pumpkin pie I’ve ever eaten, said Blurtso. Yes, said Bonny, the Main Street Café is a fine café.

“Blurtso visits his friends in Concord” (I)


Welcome! said Bonny Bray. I’ve got a great evening planned! First we’ll go shopping, then we’ll eat dinner, then we can have cocoa at the Colonial Inn. I’ve booked a double room with an extra bale of hay!


Mmm, said Pablo. Mmmmm, said Bonny. Will you tell me a story? said Pablo. A story? said Bonny. Yes, said Pablo, a bedtime story about two donkeys that snuggle under the covers. Warm covers? said Bonny. Yes, said Pablo, very warm covers.