Tag: fall

“Bonny and Pablo stop and eat the flowers”


“Blurtso and friends visit the White Mountains”


What? said Blurtso. I can’t hear you over the leaves.

“Ditto is concerned about color”


Hmm, thought Ditto. The leaves change color before they die. Red, brown, yellow, orange… brown and yellow? Pablo is brown and Bonny is yellow. I hope they don’t die! I wish they were grey like me.

“Blurtso sits under a tree”


I love the smell of wood in autumn, and the sound of dry leaves. This is a very nice log. I wonder which tree it came from? I suppose it was like any other tree, growing slowly, drinking minerals, seeking sun. I suppose birds built nests in its branches, and squirrels chased up and down. I suppose it was at the center of a universe of sights and sounds, never thinking it would fall, and be hollowed out. I guess the shell always outlasts the heart, and the forest is strewn with empty armor. And every living thing is immortal… until it dies.