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“Blurtso is what he is”


Hmm, I wonder what kind of donkey Lizzy likes? I wonder if she likes grey donkeys? Or brown donkeys? Brown donkeys are more colorful, but color isn’t everything. I wish I were a brown donkey. I wonder what else she likes? I wonder if size matters? I know I’m not tall, but I have big ears. I wonder if I’m handsome? I don’t think I’m ugly. Of course, there’s not much I can do, I am what I am. Maybe I should get a haircut…

“Blurtso gets off schedule”


The bus is late, thought Blurtso. Or I’m early. I guess I’m off schedule. I didn’t plan on that. I wonder what I should do while I wait? I could just stand here, or I could do something. I could take out my books and review for tomorrow. I wonder how much time I have? If I have a long time, I’ll take out my books. If I don’t, I’ll do something else. Like what? I can enjoy almost anything for a short time. But a short time can become a long time if you don’t know how much time. I should find something I enjoy for a short time, and for a long time. Like what? It’s not easy when you get off schedule, and you have to stop and think.