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“Blurtso finds a paperclip” (II)


Hmmm, thought Blurtso, another paperclip. You go months and months without seeing one, then you see them everywhere you turn. I wonder if they’re being discarded as the world goes paperless? And soon they will only be a symbol, an icon for attachments, virtual clips attaching virtual expressions in a virtual world… like so many other forms of attachment.

“Blurtso begins to blog”


Curse these clumsy hoofs! said Blurtso. How am I going to update my blog if the only letters I can type are big and fat and round? . . . hddp:// . . . bdupdo.pom . . . bburrredppo.dom . . . buugdo.cccob . . . blllursdpo.bob . . . bllllurrdddsssspo.cog . . . bplurpppsdso.blob . . .