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“Blurtso listens to the birds” (I)


The birds are nice, said Blurtso, they sound very happy. Yes, said Bonny, Pablo can identify all of them by their songs. Really, said Blurtso, what was that one? That was a chickadee, said Pablo. And that one? said Blurtso. That was another chickadee. How about that one? said Blurtso. That was the same chickadee you heard the first time, said Pablo. Wow, said Blurtso, that’s amazing.

“Morton’s Pond” (V)

“Sounds” –  Birds. The wind. The sloshing of the pond against the shore. And the sound of an airplane. I think it was from an airplane. Because I didn’t hear the sound when I first saw the plane, then I heard the sound and saw the plane, then I didn’t see the plane but I still heard the sound. Maybe the wind blows sound like it blows shadows.