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“Bonny and Pablo enjoy the birds and the bees”


There are many birds and bees today, said Pablo.


Yes, said Bonny, in the spring there are many birds and bees.

“Blurtso welcomes the spring”


What a colorful patch of flowers, said Blurtso, skipping across the field—red, yellow, blue, purple, yellow, red—and what a sweet spectrum of smells. Achoo!! he said, and sneezed as he said. Achoo!! Achoo!! Achoo!! he said between sniffle and wheeze. How silly to forget, said Blurtso, that the springtime makes me sneeze!

“Blurtso hears a harbinger”


The sounds are changing, thought Blurtso. People are coming out of their houses and lingering beneath the softening sky. The animals are poking their noses in snowless corners and the tulips will soon be up. Some say one tulip is like another—red, pink, yellow, blue—but I can taste the difference.

“Blurtso looks for a sign”


Hey, said Blurtso, is that spring I smell? They say that on the first day of spring a donkey can see his tail if he pokes his head out the barn… or maybe it’s when he can see the shadow of his nose… or when his left ear starts twitching…. I’m bound to find a sign if I go for a walk…