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“Bonny and Pablo hit the hay” (V)


It’s raining on the roof, thought Pablo. The last snow is melting and the earth is beginning to open. Soon the breeze will be warm and the smells will be sweet. It was a long winter, but the cabin was cozy with Bonny and Ditto and a cellar of food. And the crackling fire. What a pleasant place to be, on the edge of spring in the rain, in the warmth of our cabin.

“Pablo anticipates the spring”


I can hear the last train… the night animals will be out. Tomorrow I’ll see their tracks in the snow. It must be exciting, moving quietly, feeling the pulse in your temples, seeing the hills in the grey light, and hearing the slender sound of the creek…


Maybe I should go for a walk.



The ice is melting… it will soon be spring.


Pablo? What are you doing? Please come back to bed…