“The journey of Ditto Lundif” (I)


Isn’t this exciting? said Ditto. We’re not moving, said Virginia. Sure we are, said Ditto, can’t you hear the rumbling of the wheels, and the click of the rails? No, said Virginia, I can’t hear anything. I wonder where we’re going? said Ditto. We’re not going anywhere, said Virginia. Just think of the places we’ll see, said Ditto, and the adventures we’ll have. In an empty boxcar, said Virginia, on an abandoned track? I think I’ll ring for the porter, said Ditto, would you like an hors d’oeuvres or cocktail, or perhaps an extra pillow? A pillow would be nice, said Viriginia. And a blanket for your feet? Yes, said Virginia. I’m going to order a pumpkin colada, said Ditto, with a hay omelette and a side of sprouts. I’ll have a bowl of strawberries and cream, said Virginia, if they haven’t run out. Mmm, said Ditto, me too. Where do you think we’re going? said Virginia. I’m not sure, said Ditto, but it’s bound to be exciting, and an amazing adventure.