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“Blurtso meets the academic counselor”


Hello, said Blurtso. Hello, said the counselor, have you decided on a major? No, said Blurtso. Well, said the counselor, maybe I can help. What do you like? I like everything, said Blurtso. Everything? said the counselor. You can’t major in everything. Why not? said Blurtso. Because you have to specialize. Why? said Blurtso. So you can graduate. Why do I have to graduate? So you can get a job. A job? said Blurtso. Yes, said the counselor, in your specialization. Hmm, said Blurtso. Can I avoid all that… if I major in logic?

“Blurtso gets off schedule”


The bus is late, thought Blurtso. Or I’m early. I guess I’m off schedule. I didn’t plan on that. I wonder what I should do while I wait? I could just stand here, or I could do something. I could take out my books and review for tomorrow. I wonder how much time I have? If I have a long time, I’ll take out my books. If I don’t, I’ll do something else. Like what? I can enjoy almost anything for a short time. But a short time can become a long time if you don’t know how much time. I should find something I enjoy for a short time, and for a long time. Like what? It’s not easy when you get off schedule, and you have to stop and think.