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“Blurtso gets off schedule”


The bus is late, thought Blurtso. Or I’m early. I guess I’m off schedule. I didn’t plan on that. I wonder what I should do while I wait? I could just stand here, or I could do something. I could take out my books and review for tomorrow. I wonder how much time I have? If I have a long time, I’ll take out my books. If I don’t, I’ll do something else. Like what? I can enjoy almost anything for a short time. But a short time can become a long time if you don’t know how much time. I should find something I enjoy for a short time, and for a long time. Like what? It’s not easy when you get off schedule, and you have to stop and think.

“Blurtso and Harlan consider what’s missing”


Do you have an iPhone? said Blurtso. No, said Harlan. Do you ever think, said Blurtso, about all the texting people are doing, and wonder what we’re missing? No, said Harlan, but I wonder what they’re missing.

“Blurtso puts his ear to the cell phone”


O.K., thought Blurtso, I’d better get serious and do some living. Tell my friends and tell my family, be engaged and be engaging, be connected and accepted, broadcasting every thing I’m thinking, what I am and what I’m not, what I shall and I shall not, not forgotten when I’m talking, when I’m sitting, when I’m walking, just as long as I keep talking, are you listening are you listening?!