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“Bonny and Pablo enjoy the birds and the bees”


There are many birds and bees today, said Pablo.


Yes, said Bonny, in the spring there are many birds and bees.

“Bonny celebrates until the cows come home”


I didn’t know you were Irish, said Pablo. Actually, said Bonny, I’m Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and English. My oldest ancestors arrived in the Isles around 400 B.C. and lived in all the various regions. I used to celebrate Saint Andrew’s Day on November 30th, Saint David’s Day on March 1st, and Saint George’s Day on April 23rd, but now I celebrate them all on Saint Patrick’s Day on March 17th. Does that mean you have to drink four times as much beer? said Blurtso.


“By yon bonny banks and by yon bonny brays…”

“Blurtso visits his friends in Concord” (I)


Welcome! said Bonny Bray. I’ve got a great evening planned! First we’ll go shopping, then we’ll eat dinner, then we can have cocoa at the Colonial Inn. I’ve booked a double room with an extra bale of hay!


Mmm, said Pablo. Mmmmm, said Bonny. Will you tell me a story? said Pablo. A story? said Bonny. Yes, said Pablo, a bedtime story about two donkeys that snuggle under the covers. Warm covers? said Bonny. Yes, said Pablo, very warm covers.