From January 2017

“Blurtso looks at the snow” (IX)


I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much snow. There’s no use trying to go anywhere. Or trying to do anything. It’s like a day that fell through the calendar, a day without a number. Perfect for a book and a blanket. And another cup of cocoa.

“Blurtso hears a whisper” (III)


Harlan? said Blurtso. What? said Harlan. I’ve been thinking, said Blurtso, that we shouldn’t get a mongoose. Why not? said Harlan. Because, said Blurtso, it might make the snakes angry. You may be right, said Harlan. And the last thing we want, said Blurtso, is a barn full of angry snakes. That’s for sure, said Harlan. Right now, said Blurtso, they’re not bothering anyone, and they scarcely make a sound and always keep out of sight. That’s true, said Harlan. I’ve never even seen one, said Blurtso. Neither have I, said Harlan. I wonder if it’s sad to be a snake, said Blurtso, always keeping quiet and staying out of sight? I wouldn’t know, said Harlan, I’m never out of sight. Yes that’s true, said Blurtso, is it hard to be so noticeable? Sometimes, said Harlan. Do you ever wish you were a snake? said Blurtso. No, said Harlan. I guess snakes have it pretty good, said Blurtso, never being noticed. Yes, said Harlan, I suppose they do. Except, said Blurtso, that everyone hates them. Yes, said Harlan, there is that.

“Blurtso looks at the snow” (VIII)


The snow is collecting on my nose faster than before. My nose must be getting cold. Pretty soon the snow will blur my features, and I’ll become a rounded version of myself. A more-rounded version. Then I’ll become a swollen lump. Then even that will smooth over, and vanish without a trace.


“Blurtso meets the academic counselor”


Hello, said Blurtso. Hello, said the counselor, have you decided on a major? No, said Blurtso. Well, said the counselor, maybe I can help. What do you like? I like everything, said Blurtso. Everything? said the counselor. You can’t major in everything. Why not? said Blurtso. Because you have to specialize. Why? said Blurtso. So you can graduate. Why do I have to graduate? So you can get a job. A job? said Blurtso. Yes, said the counselor, in your specialization. Hmm, said Blurtso. Can I avoid all that… if I major in logic?

“Ditto goes to school” (III)


Bonny told me Ditto started school, said Blurtso. I wonder if his first day was as exciting as my first day at Harvard…


O.k., said the teacher, who would like to try this one? How about you in the second row, the one with the boxing-glove nose…