From July 2016

“Bonny teaches the greatest lesson of all”


Ditto is very talented, said Blurtso. I know, said Pablo, Bonny is always teaching him something useful and profound.


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“Blurtso considers the consequences of fame”


I wonder if I will like being famous? thought Blurtso. When the world is filled with Blurtso t-shirts and coffee mugs, Blurtso paintings and sculptures and smiling Blurtsos cast in bronze, Blurtso billboards and displays, neon and virtual and Christmas and Easter Blurtsos, and spin-off Blurtsos ad nauseum… I wonder if I will remember these days with nostalgia, when a simple donkey could have a simple meal, and take a nap in the comfort of perfect anonymity.

“Blurtso sings with friends”


 Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson

Blowing Away – Linda Ronstadt

Bookends – Paul Simon

America – Paul Simon

Brushfire Fairytales – Jack Johnson

Bubble Toes – Jack Johnson

Buckets of Rain – Bob Dylan

Don’ t Mess Around With Jim – Jim Croce

Fall Line – Jack Johnson

Feeling Groovy – Paul Simon

Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover – Paul Simon

Forever – Ben Harper

F- Stop Blues – Jack Johnson

Gone – Jack Johnson

Homeward Bound – Paul Simon

I’d Rather Hurt Myself – Roger Miller

Leaving On A Jet Plane – John Denver

I Know Where I’m Going – Traditional

Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye – Traditional

Kathy’s Song – Paul Simon

Landslide – Fleetwood Mac

My Own Two Hands – Ben Harper

No Other Way – Jack Johnson

Girl From The North Country – Bob Dylan

One More Cup Of Coffee – Bob Dylan

Posters – Jack Johnson

Sara – Bob Dylan

Scarborough Fair – Traditional

Shelter From The Storm – Bob Dylan

Shenandoah – Traditional

Tenderness – Paul Simon

The Least You Could Do – Ben Harper

Times Like These – Jack Johnson

Traffic In The Sky – Jack Johnson

We Had It All – B.W. Stevenson

Better Together – Jack Johnson

You Can Close Your Eyes – James Taylor

Your Loving Arms – Hank Williams

Song For The Asking – Paul Simon

Congratulations – Paul Simon

Sarah Maria – James Taylor

Believe In Your Dreams – Rudolph and Clarice

“Bonny and Pablo talk of the future”


Maybe we should make plans for the future, said Pablo. The future? said Bonny. Yes, said Pablo, what are we going to do? We’ll be together, said Bonny. Yes, said Pablo, but what we will we do? We’ll walk around, said Bonny. And then? said Pablo. Then we’ll eat and drink, said Bonny. And then? said Pablo. Then we’ll sleep, said Bonny. And then? said Pablo. Then we’ll walk around, said Bonny. And then? said Pablo. Then we’ll eat and drink, said Bonny. And then? said Pablo. Then we’ll sleep, said Bonny. And the next day? said Pablo. Yes, said Bonny, and the next day. Wow, said Pablo, that sounds wonderful! Yes, said Bonny, it truly does.

“Bonny and Pablo hit the hay” (I)


It must be midnight, said Pablo. I can hear the last train to Boston. Imagine all the people, staring out the windows, seeing their reflections in the glass… and the darkness beyond. I wonder what they’re thinking? I don’t know, said Bonny. Is there any more popcorn?