“Blurtso overcomes his fears”


Off I go, thought Blurtso, into the Great Unknown. I wonder what I’ll find there? I wonder if it’ll be safe? I wonder if I’ll run into dangerous animals and unfriendly people, and natural disasters waiting to do me harm? I’d rather not run into a dangerous animal, or an unfriendly person, or a natural disaster… hmm… maybe I should reconsider my trip…


Hey… I can’t move. I think I’m paralyzed by fear. Oh no! I’m doomed! What will I do when the animals come? And the people? And the natural disasters? Oh no! I’ll just have to wait here, paralyzed and defenseless! Yes, I’ll just have to wait… and… hmm… and… hey… there’s a clump of grass under my nose… how fortunate…


Mmmm… this grass is excellent! Juicy and fresh! It may be the best grass I’ve ever tasted!


Hey… I finished the grass… what will I do now?


Fortunately… there’s another clump right over there.